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Dealz Tribute To Michael

Jackie Jackson’s son Siggy, also known as Dealz, is a rapper, and is working on an album, expected to be released this summer.

In an article published in the Hip Hop Press, he discusses his attitude to his music, and also speaks of family influences and watching his father and his uncles working together again in the studio.

Dealz is also fueling his passion for cars by honoring Michael’s memory, “We just built a custom dedication vehicle to my Uncle Michael named Melody. It’s a 2005 black and red Mustang with custom interior, with about five hundred and fifty Horsepower under the hood.I’m sure Michael would have loved it since that car is Bad!”

To read the entire article and to see the video, please click here, http://www.hiphoppress.com/2011/05/interview-with-the-newest-star-of-the-jackson-family.html

Source: hiphoppress.com & MJWN

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