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The Michael Jackson Tribute Project

Jerry Biederman, Organizer/Executive Producer of MJTP, is producing a DVD project for Michael’s fans, which gives YOU the opportunity to be in the film! Please check it out and pass it on to your members, friends, etc.

An exciting film project is being announced this week, which will be created from homemade videos ordered and sent in by Michael Jackson fans around the world. Fans, who get a spot in the film, are being asked to share their feelings, experiences and messages about Michael.

The DVD’s title, ‘What Your Father Means To Me,’ suggests that fans express themselves on their video clip as if they were speaking directly to Paris, Prince and Blanket. (A Special Edition DVD will be delivered to members of the Jackson family in time for Michael’s upcoming birthday.)

‘What Your Father Means To Me,’ is being created by Emmy-nominated Executive Producer Jerry Biederman, the Co-founder of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, in association with Don Wilson, the Creator / Director / Producer of ‘Man in the Mirror.’

Fans are asked to go to the project’s website to learn more and reserve a spot for their clips to be included in the global film. (Fans may also send in a photo and text, instead of a digital video clip.) The producer explains that this is the only film that gives every fan the opportunity to be part of it regardless of who they are or where they are in the world.

“If you love Michael, if he changed your life, you can join his legacy by sharing what he meant to YOU,” Biederman said during an interview at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles. “It’s the goal of this film project to archive a contemporary generation of fans whose lives were touched and positively affected by the greatest entertainer and humanitarian of all time. This will be our gift to each other, our gift to his children and, ultimately, or gift for the generations of fans to come.”

As the co-creator and organizer of ‘Wrapped in L.O.V.E. – The Patchwork Blanket Project,’ Biederman was personally involved in delivering the gift of four handmade blankets (each containing patches in the names of fans from around the world) to Michael’s mother and children for his birthday last year. ‘What Your Father Means To Me,’ will be their gift, made from video clips and photos from the fans, for his birthday this year.
Let’s show the world that the legacy of Michael Jackson is alive and well by “connecting our clips,” around the globe in this exciting and unprecedented film project, which celebrates the fans and gives their voices a stage!
Learn more and reserve your place in this ultimate fan film by visiting the project’s website here:-

Source: michaeljacksontributeportrait.com & MJWN

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