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Taunton’s Got Talent

The small town of Taunton, Massachusetts in the United States, hosted its own ‘Taunton’s Got Talent,’ in the style of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ and ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Many young people took part, with a variety of talents like hip-hop dance, singing their own songs, a capella voices, playing instruments and even baton-twirling.

The highlight of the night for Bill Doucette was the chance to dance to Michael’s ‘Smooth Criminal.’

“I love his music and all his dancing,” said Doucette, aged fifteen, donning a sequined glove. “He’s pretty much an inspiration to me. I love his message and it’s a challenge when it comes to his dancing. I used to have major stage fright. But now I take any chance to dance to MJ.”

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Source: Taunton Daily Gazette & MJWN

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