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Historical Student Statues

Still as statues, the fifth-grade students at Linwood Elementary School, on Robins Airforce Base in the United States, dressed as famous black people and put on a mock wax museum, as part of February’s ‘Black History Month,’ celebrations.

On Wednesday, some of the children were dressed as Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey and Martin Luther King Jnr., amongst other historical or famous figures.

The sixty-four student depictions each had a string around their neck, and attached was a small card with a red “button” to push. Once pushed, the student statue would speak about which historical or famous person he or she was portraying. Some of the fifth-graders picked out the person they wanted to represent, while others had people chosen for them.

Younger students who walked down the hall sometimes just stared at the figures. Others, who figured out the identity of the mock statue called out, “Look it’s Michael Jackson,” to their classmates.

Source: The Sun News, Macon Online & MJWN

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