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Prosecutor Asked For Delay

In the Conrad Murray trial on Thursday, a prosecutor asked that the ‘speedy trial’ requested by the Defense be delayed, because she felt it failed to share information about its intended case.

Deputy District Attorney, Deborah Brazil, criticized Dr. Conrad Murray’s lawyers because they have not offered a report or notes about its star forensic witness, Dr. Paul White, with only one month before the trial.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Michael Pastor, said the prosecution’s frustration is mutual; he reminded the defense that they could be fined or barred from calling witnesses if they did not comply with legal obligations to turn over the materials.
Judge Pastor advised Murray’s attorneys to provide the prosecution with more information about White’s testimony.

In court, the defense recognized that White, the Dallas anesthesiologist with an expertise in Propofol, the drug that is alleged to have killed Michael, is its most important witness.

J. Michael Flanagan, defense attorney, argued that the expert had not prepared a report and only communicated his findings verbally.
Those findings, Flanagan said, included the opinion that Michael was addicted to Demerol and that Murray did not cause Michael’s death, Los Angeles Times reports.

Murray’s trial date was left, as scheduled, for March 24th by Judge Pastor.

Source: KTLA Online & MJWN

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