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Michael’s Ten Best Songs

The Urban Daily website has chosen their ten favourite Michael songs, ranging from boyhood through his career up to the ‘Invincible,’ album.

See if you agree!

10) ‘Butterflies’ (Invincible, 2001) – Written by Marsha Ambrosius.
‘Butterflies,’ was the stand out single from Michael’s final album, ‘Invincible.’ The song relies on Michael’s normal singing voice rather than the heavily percussive vocal style he began using heavily around the time of his ‘Dangerous,’ album.

9) ‘Stranger In Moscow’ (HIStory: Past Present & Future Book 1, 1995) The criminally overlooked ‘Stranger In Moscow,’ featured Michael lamenting the loneliness of fame with such an unflinching honesty, it’s amazing that Michael released it as single!

8) ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ (Got To Be There, 1972) ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are,’ was the third single taken from Michael’s first solo album, ‘Got To Be There.’ The song was written by Leon Ware and T-Boy Ross, Diana Ross’ brother.  The pair went on to write Marvin Gaye’s entire ‘I Want You album,’ which included a version of this song.

7) ‘Remember The Time’ (Dangerous, 1991) Produced by Teddy Riley, ‘Remember The Time,’ may be the last Michael song, that all of his fans would unanimously agree is a classic. Though rooted in the new jack swing style made popular by Riley in the late 80s and early 90s, the song manages to not sound overly-dated. Kinda ironic for a song with this title, no?

6) ‘Got To Be There’ (Got To Be There, 1971) Released as the first solo single from Michael, ‘Got To Be There,’ showcases what a powerhouse vocalist Michael was even at the age of 13.

5) ‘Rock With You’ (Off The Wall, 1978) Any time this song is played, someone within listening range is probably doing a mean two-step.

4) ‘I Can’t Help It’ (Off The Wall, 1978) Written by Stevie Wonder, ‘I Can’t Help It,’ has a jazzy sensibility that had rarely been heard from Michael before. Definitely a classic!

3) ‘Human Nature’ (Thriller, 1982)

One of the most beautiful songs in Michael’s catalogue, ‘Human Nature,’ has remained a fan favorite since its release.

2) ‘Billie Jean’ (Thriller, 1982) ‘Billie Jean,’ became one of the biggest hits on the ‘Thriller,’ album, but almost didn’t make the album, because Michael and producer Quincy Jones disagreed over the quality of the song.  Fortunately Michael won and the rest is HIStory…

1) ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ (Off The Wall, 1978) ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough,’ has remained a party staple for nearly thirty-five years.  Guaranteed to get the party started, the song packs a ton of energy that’s best released on a dance-floor.

The online article gives you the chance to watch some of the related videos again, and even to choose your own favourites, in the comments section.

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Source: The Urban Daily Online & MJWN

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