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Classic Albums Live Play ‘Thriller’

‘Classic Albums Live,’ was founded by Craig Martin in 2003. The band also performs albums by The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Craig says this weekend’s performance of Michael’s ‘Thriller,’ in Ottawa will convert even the casual listener to a die hard fan.

“We will turn people around, we will educate them. We’ll take them to church, man. They will walk out of there believing.”

On Saturday night, ‘Classic Albums Live,’ will perform the iconic album note for note, cut for cut at Centrepointe Theatre. And they won’t be wearing any crazy wigs or makeup. Martin says the group stays true to the music.

“We don’t do tribute bands. We don’t dress up, we don’t wear costumes. We have nothing to do with tribute bands. We just stand there and play the music,” he says. “No imitations, cheesy wigs and all that. It’s just garbage. It takes away from the music.”

‘Classic Albums Live,’ pick some of the best albums that have ever been made and perform them for audiences all over North America.

Source: Ottawa Metro News Online & MJWN

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