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Neverland Photography Exhibit

In April 2009, Julian’s Auctions were set to auction a vast collection of Michael’s personal belongings from Neverland, but the items were withdrawn at the last moment and returned to storage. Photographer Henry Leutweiler memorialized the items and produced a beautiful book of some of the fabulous memorabilia, calling his book ‘Neverland Lost.’

Now an exhibition of his photographs will be on display at the Foley Gallery in New York, from February 24th to April 6th. There will be an opening reception and book signing on February 24th from 6-8 p.m. On March 17th, there will be an artist presentation and a question and answer session.

“Michael Jackson sacrificed his childhood to singing and stardom,”
Leutwyler told the London Daily Times. “Neverland, later in his life, was the pyramid he constructed to that lost childhood. These are the artifacts of that lost childhood. We will never see the like of Michael Jackson today.”

The items photographed range from Michael’s iconic white glove to a crown for the ‘King of Pop,’ and clothing items from famous performances.

For more information about Mr. Leutwyler’s book please click here:

Source: Examiner Online & MJWN

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