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Artists such as Chris Cornell, Chuck Berry and the Beatles have written songs about real people, including fans. The most famous of such songs has to be Michael’s ‘Billie Jean,’ written in 1983.

In this song, a woman levels false paternity claims at a protesting Michael. Yet ‘Billie Jean’s,’ identity is a bit of a mystery. When the single came out, some newspapers reported that a crazed fan had inspired the song. But a friend of Michael’s, later told reporters, it was inspired by a beautiful woman spotted outside Michael’s home.

In 1996, Michael told MTV there really was a ‘Billie Jean,’ but that the woman in the song, is a composite of the groupies who used to hound his brothers. A woman calling herself Billie Jean Jackson has alleged that Michael is indeed the father of one of her twins!!

Source: Spinnermusic Online & MJWN

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