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Hotel Mama Remix ‘Billie Jean’

Hotel Mama brings ABC’s lineup some Columbian flare. This five-piece Bogoton group, made up of Etna Arcila, Daniel Rubio, Juan Miguel Páez, Darwin Páez and Herbert Bejarano has been creating progressive, high energy tracks for five years, with that Latin dance vibe!

Their latest album ‘El Grande,’ is a festive collection of spicy vocals, moving saxophone solos, funky bass lines and lively guitar riffs; all unique enough to land Hotel Mama major recognition in publications like, ‘Rolling Stone,’ ‘SPIN,’ and ‘Shock.’

One track demonstrating Hotel Mama’s skillful innovation is a remix of Michael’s ‘Billie Jean.’ This track is ethereal and soothing and listeners might imagine themselves under water, where everything is slower, blurry and muted. Faint, emotional, saxophone solos and soft, smooth percussion beats, contribute to the out-of-body experience this track inspires; an experience quite opposite from Michael’s lively, energy filled original.  The track is a beautiful demonstration of true artists’ ability to make any song their own. Michael would be proud.


Source: Women’s Radio online & MJWN

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