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Marsha Ambrosius & Michael

Marsha Ambrosius, a former member of Floetry, wrote ‘Butterflies,’ considered to be one of the best songs on Michael’s, ‘Invincible’ album. Ten years ago she worked with Michael on the song in New York, and has fond memories from that experience.

As a sign of appreciation to Michael, she has recorded a remix of ‘Butterflies,’ for her own album ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings,’ due for release on March 1st. She is now thirty-three years old, and is grateful for the memories she has of working with Michael.

“Getting the opportunity to work with the best who ever did it on planet Earth, period, is just a blessing,” she shares. “For me, it was just paying my respects. For those who don’t know, I’ve worked with him, but I knew him outside of music. I knew him as a father, as a friend. It was me paying my respects back to him and just thanking him for doing something for me, so early in my career I never expected.

When I came in the industry at such an early age—for me, twenty, twenty-one—it was way early to take on as a businesswoman and having Michael Jackson be one of the first artists that you work with, as a producer and a writer, I just think that’s a blessing.”

“Michael Jackson was a practical joker,” reveals Marsha. “He was just funny. And his laugh just made you laugh. When we were in the studio, his engineer kept calling me a singing heifer.

And Michael would tell the engineer, “You know a heifer is a cow, that’s a cow.”

“I’ll never forget that. So I’ll always be Michael Jackson’s singing heifer.”

Source: www.rap-up.com & MJWN

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