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Chris Brown & Jamie Foxx

Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx were on their way to see Michael rehearse for his final tour, on the afternoon the singer died, it has been revealed.

The twenty-one year-old R&B star shared the story with United States magazine, ‘Nylon.’

Brown said that he and Foxx were on their way to the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles, to see Michael practice his dance routines for the ‘This Is It’ tour, on June 25th 2009, the afternoon that Michael died.

He said, “Me and Jamie Foxx were going to see him and [someone called] and they were like ‘Hold up. He didn’t show up yet.’ And then we got the call later and it was devastating.”

Brown has been a lifelong fan of Michael.

Source: Monstersandcritics.com & MJWN

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