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Favourite Super Bowl Shows

The NFL Super Bowl takes place on Sunday February 6th, between the Packers and the Steelers, and with Black eyed Peas providing the half time show, several football mad celebrities were asked, which was their favourite-ever half time show.

Kevin McHale, from Glee said, “Michael Jackson. I was obsessed with that! How he just stood there for like 5 minutes!” David Boreanaz, from Bones said, “MJ was the man. He still is. There’s nothing cooler!”

Other fans said, “No contest at all…..Michael Jackson… completely,” and “Michael Jackson’s performance was the bestest setting, precedent for all future half time shows. He was awesome!”

When Michael made his dynamic entrance that year in 1993, wearing those aviators and a white forearm warmer, dressed like a South American war general, that had staged the most fashionably fabulous coup in military history, the Super Bowl spectacle was born.

Michael’s performance at Super Bowl XXVII, attracted more viewers in those fifteen minutes of singing and moonwalking, than any other moment throughout the duration of the game. Michael performed the hits, ‘Black or White,’ and ‘Billie Jean,’ and was later joined by three thousand, five hundred children, to sing his classic hit, ‘Heal the World.’

Ah, yes, we remember it well!

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