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Katherine Jackson In Court

Katherine Jackson was in court yesterday with her daughter Rebbie, and son Randy, at Murray’s arraignment.

Earlier in the day in an interview with ‘Good Morning America,’
Katherine said: “When I’m in that courtroom I can’t stand to look at that man. It’s been a very difficult time for me ever since my son passed,” she said. “I go because I love my son and I feel I have to be there.”

She is currently raising Michael’s three children Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and eight-year-old Prince Michael II, nicknamed Blanket.

“Michael’s children are good children, and he raised them out of love and understanding,” said Katherine. “ I don’t have a hard time with them, because they know how their father had them raised, and they’re very respectful.”

However, she said that, unlike their father, she would not let the children go into show business, at an early age.

“Paris wants to be an actress and I don’t think Michael would have let her, because he talked about he didn’t have a childhood – he wanted to play more – and so I wouldn’t let them be an actress or an actor this soon,” she said.

Source: mailonline & MJWN

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