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‘Moonwalker’ To Get US Cinema Debut?

TMZ has reported that a Hollywood cinema, Arclight, is looking for a copy of Michael’s movie ‘Moonwalker,’ so that it can be shown in movie theaters in the USA, possibly for one night only.

When the movie was made in 1988, the plan was to release it in America, but that plan was scrapped. Instead, it went straight to video, and was, of course, a massive success. Arclight Cinema want to give it a proper premiere, because of requests from fans who want to see it on the big screen.

However, it is now thought that Michael’s Estate will probably not give permission, for the release of the movie to United States’ cinemas.

A spokesman for the cinema said, “We contacted the film’s directors and producers and were finally directed to MJ’s estate attorney [who] let us know the estate has the [film’s] rights but have no plans to make … prints available for rent at this time.”

‘Moonwalker,’ features videos for Michael’s tracks like ‘Speed Demon,’ (directed by Claymation innovator Will Vinton), ‘Leave Me Alone,’ (which was released as a promo and won Michael a 1989 Grammy for Best Music Video, Short Form) and, as mentioned, the iconic ‘Criminal,’ which features him battling a group of mobsters led by Joe Pesci.

The movie also served as the inspiration for the super-awesome Sega game ‘Moonwalker,’ which featured a digital Michael morphing into a laser-blasting robot with the aid of his chimpanzee pal, Bubbles.

The film WAS shown in cinemas in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere around the world. If you would like to see it in the cinema, you are invited to leave a comment on MTV’s comments section under the news-piece on MTV News.

Source: MTV News, TMZ & MJWN

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