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Mini Michael On BGT!

Liam Conway from Wrexham, traveled to the ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’
auditions in Birmingham, and has moonwalked his way into the first round. He is a Michael Jackson impersonator, and performed ‘Smooth Criminal,’ for the judges. He has been dancing like Michael for as long as he can remember, and is known as ‘Mini-Michael.’ He is so proud to be paying tribute to him on stage.

Liam’s mum Gail, said that he was inspired by his great grandma , Mandy, who died last year, but who always believed Liam would be a star. Mandy, could not have been prouder of him when his dance group won, ‘Coedpoeth’s Got Talent,’ with their version of Michael’s ‘Thriller.’ It was this success which gave Liam the confidence to apply for ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

Gail said: “Liam is a born dancer and he’s always been a fan of Michael Jackson. Even from a young age he would jump up off the sofa every time he heard his idol’s music. He will be pinning all his hopes on winning the chance to perform in front of the new all star TV judge line-up which includes Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff.”

Gail added: “He’s an amazing lad – he’s not nervous at all. At the last audition he wasn’t shy, even though he was competing alongside grown-ups, but just strode up to audition like he wasn’t phased at all.
I’m sure he’ll do really well but I always tell him it’s the trying that counts, just in case. And we’ve got him his own ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ buzzer, so no doubt he’ll be using that a lot, if he doesn’t make it to the next stage. Either way we’re all so proud of him.”

Good luck, Liam!

Source: The Leader & MJWN

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