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Video Vanguard Award

The ‘Video Vanguard Award,’ or the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award,’ is given to musicians who have made a profound effect on the MTV culture.

In 1988, MTV awarded the Vanguard award to Michael, and immediately officially named it, the ‘Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.’ MTV recognized that Michael changed the music video from a mere promotional tool featuring musicians, playing instruments and singing, to a piece of art with a storyline, or as Michael liked to say, ‘short films’. His short film ‘Thriller,’ influenced and changed music videos into those of today.

The title of the ‘Michael Jackson Vanguard Award,’ is no longer used by MTV, and Michael’s fans worldwide have begun a campaign to re-instate it for future recipients, in honour of Michael.

They have made a you-tube video in support of the project, showing fans with placards, posters and banners seemingly from every continent, while Michael sings, ‘On The Line.’ It is a real pleasure to watch as it is done so well.

“It’s all for love and legacy.”

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