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Chris Mosdell On ‘Behind The Mask’

Chris Mosdell wrote the lyrics of ‘Behind The Mask,’ which was recorded by Michael for his ‘Thriller’ album.

“When Michael Jackson took it he made it into a love song, kind of, about a woman,” Mosdell says. “It was a completely different premise to me, but hey, it’s Michael Jackson. I let him have that one.”

The evolution of the song, from its oft-disputed roots to immortality granted by Michael, is a mysterious saga, Mosdell says. One whose climax is Michael recording the song for his ‘Thriller’ album, and the falling action is, the song being omitted at the last minute for copyright issues; and the surprising dénouement is, Mosdell hearing  from an acquaintance on the street, that the song had finally surfaced on Michael’s posthumous album.

The album, titled ‘MICHAEL,’ released on December 14th is a top-seller around the world, which hit number three in the United States. It contains a collection of unfinished songs, including the original 1982 recording of ‘Behind the Mask.’

The song is now, “back with a vengeance,” Mosdell says.

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Source: dailycamera.com & MJWN

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