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Billy Bush Dances In Michael’s Shoes

When Michael’s fellow choreographer, Travis Payne, appeared on ‘Access Hollywood Live,’ to talk about Michael, he took with him a pair of shoes, which Michael had worn for rehearsals of his, ‘This Is It,’ concerts.  Travis taught Billy Bush, the host of the show, a few steps from one of Michael’s dances, with Billy wearing Michael’s shoes!

The shoes actually fit Bush, and he did his best Michael impression, shimmying and shaking around Payne’s studio. In the interview segment, Bush said,

“I hope Michael never saw me, looking down, in those shoes.”

Co-host Kit Hoover, thought Payne actually gave Bush the shoes, and was surprised to find they were only on loan.

“Oh no,” said Payne. “We shared. We exchanged energy.”

Payne praised Bush as a “quick study,” which made him quite proud.

“You either have a little bit of rhythm or you don’t,” Bush replied, “and I have a little bit of rhythm. Travis just channeled that and it was beautiful.”

It’s gotta’ be the shoes!!

Source: www.tvsquad.com & MJWN

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