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Michael & Cheryl Cole?

Will.i.am has said that Michael was keen to work with Cheryl Cole, shortly before his death in 2009.The Black Eyed Peas man, who has played a major part in the successful launch of Cheryl Cole’s solo career, said that he told Michael all about Cheryl, when they were working together on material for Michael’s last album.

“He would have worked with her, no doubt, and it would have been something special. They are both total perfectionists when it comes to their work so it would have been something really big. It’s just a shame it can never happen now.” Will.i.am said he had told Michael that Cheryl was, “the hottest thing in the UK.”

He added that a collaboration between the pair, “could have been one of the great collaborations of recent history.”

Source: The Sun & MJWN

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