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More Details Of Today’s Preliminary

Tim Lopez, a pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas, testified that, beginning on April 6th 2009, Dr. Murray began ordering large quantities of Propofol. On that date, he ordered ten single dose vials. He had them delivered to his girlfriend’s Santa Monica home, and on April 28th, he also ordered four boxes of Propofol, each containing ten one hundred ml vials. Later, he ordered twenty vials of Midazolan and twenty vials of Lorazepam. On May 12th, Murray ordered four boxes of Propofol, along with two trays of Midazolan. On June 10th, Murray ordered four boxes of Propofol, and two x twenty ml of Propofol.

In all, Murray ordered two hundred and fifty-five vials of Propofol in the two months, including one hundred and thirty vials of Propofol in one hundred ml doses and another one hundred and twenty-five vials of Propofol, in twenty ml vials.

At other times, Murray asked about Bedoquin cream (for vitiligo), if there was a formula that was less greasy.  Murray also asked for energy formulations that would give increased wakefulness. He wanted it to be non-narcotic and as natural as possible. He didn’t want something prescription; he wanted something over the counter.

Murray said his patient was complaining of injection pain and asked if the pharmacy could make a topical analgesic. He indicated he wanted a Lidocaine only.The pharmacy made the energy formulation from three products available over the counter and could put them in one capsule. They added caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine, and made thirty capsules with that formulation.

LaQuisha Middleton, and her sister, LaQuanda Price, both of whom worked for Dr. Murray, gave evidence about their visit to the storage locker, which happened on the day Michael died. LaQuisha is the office manager.

Earlier in the day, Judge Pastor ruled that recently obtained data from the cell phone of the doctor can be admitted as evidence in a preliminary hearing. Murray’s defense attorney, Ed Chernoff, described some of the data as brief voicemails. He also said there were twelve screenshots found on the phone, that may be used as evidence. A prosecutor said he intended to use some of the information, which was disclosed to attorneys handling the case late last week, when he calls his first witness of the day. Pastor said some of the information is protected by attorney-client privilege, but most is not. Prosecutors have used Murray’s phone records, to help create a detailed timeline of the doctor’s actions, on the day Michael died.

Stephen J. Marx is the Computer forensic examiner in the DEA who examined the Murray’s iPhone.  An email on June 25th 2009, with the greeting of, Hi Conrad, with signature, Bob Taylor, of Bob Taylor’s Insurance of London, came from a sender based in London, England at 5:54 a.m., in Los Angeles. The email was about specific inquires regarding Michael’s health.

Murray responds to it at Los Angeles time 11:27 a.m. The response content is about authorization for the release of medical records, to get insurance. There were also forwarded emails attached from the insurance broker; they were sent back and forth regarding company officials representatives, Michael and AEG.

The remainder of the Preliminary hearing is likely to take a clinical approach, with coroner’s officials, Propofol experts and police who interviewed Murray taking the stand.

The nineteenth witness to take the stand is Jaime Lintemoot, a senior criminalist at the LA County Coroner’s Office. Murray’s attorney, J.
Michael Flanagan, was questioning him about the seventy grams of fluid found in Michael’s stomach, at the time of the autopsy; fluid that tested positive for traces of Propofol.

Flanagan noted the presence of a juice box on Michael’s nightstand, and asked if it had been tested for Propofol, raising the possibility that Michael was drinking the anesthetic, shortly before he died.

The criminalist testified he had not tested the juice box.

Source: TMZ, Associated Press & MJWN

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