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Latest Evidence From The Preliminary Hearing

Two of Conrad Murray’s girlfriends were called by the prosecution to give evidence at the preliminary hearing today.

Sade Anding said, that she was talking to Murray on the phone for about five minutes on June 25th 2009, when Murray abruptly stopped speaking to her. She heard some commotion, coughing and voices, but Murray did not return to the phone and she hung up. The telephone records show that this call was made at 11.51 a.m.

Nicole Alvarez , mother of the youngest of Murray’s six children, was asked many questions about their relationship, but had trouble remembering many details, saying she “couldn’t recall,” the required details. She was called to the judge’s office as she was being so un-cooperative. Murray lived with her in April, May and June 2009. Her child was born in March, and Murray visited more regularly after that.

She admitted signing for items delivered to her address from Allied Pharmacy, but did not know what the items were. Observers in the courtroom found her to be very arrogant and ‘snippety.’

Following her testimony, the lawyers were reviewing the evidence, and discussed the concept of ‘Implied Malice,’ which is necessary for the charge of Second Degree Murder.

Source: AP & MJWN

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