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Preliminary Hearing January 5th

In court today at Dr. Murray’s preliminary hearing, the Prosecution claim Dr Murray displayed, ‘extreme deviation from expected standard of care.’

Alberto Alvarez, one of Michael’s aides, after speaking of the doctor’s attempts at CPR, told of the instructions the doctor gave to him.  Alvarez, said he was Michael’s Director of Logistics, and testified that, Dr. Conrad Murray instructed him to remove bottles from Michael’s bedroom  – along with an IV bag with a milky-white substance, before calling 911.

Alvarez says he walked into Michael’s bedroom sometime after 12:17 p.m. and saw Michael lying motionless. He says Murray told him Michael had “an allergic reaction,” then ordered him to collect a bag of bottles and put them into a bag.

Alavrez says, Murray then “instructed me to remove the IV bag from the IV stand.” Alvarez says, there was a second IV bag – which was known to contain saline – and Murray told him to leave it there.

Alvarez says, only after the bottles and bag were collected did Murray tell him to call 911. He also said that, Prince and Paris Jackson were crying at the door of the room, and Murray told him to take them away.

Kai Chase, Michael’s chef, was next to testify, saying that after Michael stopped breathing, Dr. Murray came downstairs in a panic and summoned Prince … and Chase told the boy, “Something may be wrong with your dad.”

Chase says it was evident there was an emergency and the housekeepers were crying. Chase had testified Michael was on an extremely healthy diet, dining on seared ahi tuna salad for lunch, the day before he died.

She found it odd that she prepared Tuscan white bean soup for Michael and Murray the night before Jackson died, but when she came to work the next morning the soup was untouched.

Paramedic Richard Senneff, told the court that when he asked Murray about Michael’s medication, he was told that there was none. Senneff said other things Murray told him did not seem to add up: that Jackson had no underlying condition and was just being treated for dehydration, and that the only medication he had been given was the sedative, Lorazepam. At no time did he mention Propofol to the paramedics.

When asked if he thought Michael had only just fallen ill he answered, “all I can say my gut feeling, this had not just happened; this has been a period of time, I would think more than 20 minutes.”

He also said, “we tried a type of adrenaline to…kick start the heart.” He didn’t know the patient was Michael, with an IV line to his calf. He thought he was a ‘hospice patient.’

The pre-trial continues tomorrow.

Source: twitter.com, CNN, AP & MJWN

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