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‘Thriller’ Guitarist’s Interview

In the Gibson Interview, the famous Steve Lukather has spoken at length about his most illustrious career that many musicians must envy. Best known for his work with Toto, he has a vast catalogue of session work.

During his 30 year career he has played with many of the greats on music, including, of course, Michael. His work on ‘Thriller’ is one of the high points.

In this interview, when asked to speak of his work on the album, he said; “It’s strange that Toto is never mentioned in association with that album. ‘Human Nature,’ is a Toto song. It was written by us, arranged by us, and played by us, with Michael Jackson singing it. But no one ever points that out. ‘Beat It’ was Jeff Porcaro and me, with Eddie Van Halen playing the solo. I played bass, all the rhythm guitar parts, and all the riff parts. There are many albums we had lots to do with – really big, important albums – where no one mentions our name.”

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Source: Gibson.com & MJWN

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