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Justin Bieber To Sing Like Michael

Teddy Riley has spoken recently spoken about Michael’s incredible singing voice; He had no trouble reaching the highest notes, because, says Teddy, his vocal coach, Seth Riggs, advised him, not to speak in a low pitch, so that he can always keep his register high.

“Michael was very much a perfectionist; he never took shortcuts,” Riley said.

Riley also reveals Michael preferred to sing in the afternoon.

“His favourite time was 11 a.m. until about 5 p.m. He would not sing after 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.,” Riley said. “His spirit was up in the afternoons.  It was the best time to work with him. After he got tired, that was it for singing.”

“Justin Bieber should talk in a high range. I hope somebody tells him,” Riley said. “Otherwise, his voice will turn into something like Usher – low.”

Bieber, aged sixteen, is taking singing lessons because his voice is breaking.

“His voice is changing and he can really catch that and keep it high,” Riley said.

Giving his personal opinion, Teddy Riley said;

“Now that he’s hitting puberty, he better do something. If he goes low, he’s going to lose his fans.”

Source: heraldsun.com & MJWN

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