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Update On Paris Portraits’ Auction

Several never-before-seen portraits of Michael, taken by a French photographer, are set to go under the hammer, in Paris, on Monday.

The four, large portraits of Michael, show him posing as an Egyptian pharaoh in a golden cape, melancholy in black, before a red curtain; as an artist in a rhinestone, studded suit, and as a genus of ‘Peter Pan,’ with one eye covered in blue, glittering makeup.

The photographs were taken in 1999 by Arno Bani; reportedly, Michael had wanted him to take the photos for his album ‘Invincible,’ and viewed him, as someone as yet, ‘uncorrupted,’ by the system. Eventually, Bani’s work was not used for the album, however, he had already signed over the rights to Sony, for ten years.

Along with the portraits, another fifty-five smaller prints and
thirty-one contact sheets, are to go on sale, at the auction house, Pierre Berge & Associates. Starting prices for the portraits are, one thousand euros, (which is approximately, one thousand, three hundred and twenty-two dollars), and five hundred euros, for the prints and contact sheets.

Source: monstersandcritics.com & MJWN

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