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Judy Hyde, an active pursuer of the truth related to Michael’s life and career has sent us the following report and suggestions on how fans can respond to the TV programme involved.

The Project: ITV This Morning :

ITV This Morning is a magazine programme throughout the UK. On the morning of November 9th Kelvin MacKenzie, a media commentator and ex-editor of The Sun newspaper (a British publication), made inflammatory and abusive statements about Michael Jackson while commenting on the November 8, 2010 Oprah Winfrey show in which Michael Jackson’s parents and his children were interviewed.

After a clip of daughter, Paris, saying Michael Jackson was a great father and that they visited art galleries together and played tag in the garden, Kelvin MacKenzie said the following at approximately 10:25am:

(Transcript – please read carefully):

Kelvin McKenzie said: ” Well it’s nice of her to say that about her dead father but I have a much more significant question about how and why some of those children were born, and under what circumstances and whether in the end he would have turned out to be a great father. Certainly there are aspects of him that your audience would raise their eyebrows at. In fact the death of Michael Jackson may well have saved some children from a lifetime of being mentally corrupted. ”

Philip Schofield (co-host with MacKenzie) said: “We don’t know that though. ”

Kelvin Mackenzie said: “No, but at the same time he has faced a number of charges and allegations and I feel the children are better off now he has died.”

Philip Schofield said: “I am sure they would disagree with you.”

(end transcript)

We see this as a blatant example of media bias and irresponsibility,
using a morning show format as a pulpit to hurl abuse, resurrecting
long-since discredited lies and myths about Michael Jackson, and
allowing hosts and giuests carte blanche to attack his memory and his children.

We strongly encourage fans to respond quickly to this latest


By Email:

Reference ITV THIS MORNING – Kelvin MacKenzie, November 9, 2010 at 10:35 am

viewerservices@itv.com[/email  – ITV This Morning

You do not have to reveal your residence when using this email.

You can also email OFCOM, the official complaints authority for UK
media at


Note: A UK address is required to use the OFCOM service.

If you wish, access the link below of national listings of empty
houses in the UK.


By Phone:

Reference ITV THIS MORNING – Kelvin MacKenzie, November 9, 2010 at
10:35 am

Tel: (from US) 0044-8000 30 40 44 (for complaints specific to ITV This

Tel: (from US) 0044-8448 81 41 50 (for general complaints)

The first number is open for calls until mid-day (GMT).

The second number is open for calls until 6:30 pm (GMT)

You do not have to reveal your residence when calling.

By Regular Mail:

Reference ITV THIS MORNING – Kelvin MacKenzie, November 9, 2010 at 10:35 am

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Source: Judy Hyde & MJWN

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