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Many artists release their albums at this time of the year, but for Michael’s fans the most anticipated has to be ‘Michael’, the new album, containing some of his older music, written in the past but finished by a group of collaborators who have worked on his music to bring it up to the standard they expect Michael would have wanted.

There have been various controversies about this album, with family members doubting Michael’s voice on some tracks. Sony Music however employed some forensic audiologists, who have confirmed that it is Michael singing on the tracks. One single ‘Breaking News’, will be streamed live on Michael’s official website, from Monday November 8th for one week only.

The album’s cover is the subject of controversy among fans, some of whom would have preferred something less complex. The cover is a collage of images of Michael throughout his career, some taken from his short films, performances or album and singles covers.

MTV has prepared a news piece, itemising the references on the cover. It makes interesting reading, although it is sometimes not available outside the USA. Please click here to read the news item.

 Source : newsroom.mtv.com & MJWN

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