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The information below has been sent to us by one of the team over at the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait web site.

Look up the word “Legend” in the dictionary and you’ll find a very complete description of everything Michael Jackson is. Arguably no-one ever achieved quite the iconic status as he did, and his untimely death left a very real hole in the hearts of millions around the world. In an effort to cope with the loss and grief tributes to him, of various kinds, sprung up all over the world.

Suddenly fans desperately needed a way to express their emotions to others that understood, share their feelings of loss, and remember him in a way that would never let slip that magic he gave us. The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait encapsulates all this and more. It is a way for fans to connect and communicate. It is a way for them to feel a part of Michael’s legend forever.

The project was born of the mind of Jerry Biederman who, upon hearing the news contacted world renowned artist David Ilan, an expert in the technique of pointillism – drawing using only dots. Some time ago David had developed the concept of 1 dot = 1 person, and naturally Jerry Biederman felt that this would be a perfect way for MJ fans all over the world to participate in an interactive tribute to feel closer to MJ. Each dot drawn in this unique tribute will represent someone that truly loved and appreciated Michael Jackson, and that wants to be a part of HIStory.

Since its inception, this tribute has grown consistently- fans are coming together and forming lifelong friendships in a way that only Michael could have taught us to do. It has evolved into, not only a tribute to our idol, but a way for people to “connect their dots”. It’s even recently been referred to as a Facebook for Michael Jackson fans! It’s a simple way for people to meet, share memories, photos, videos, links, and more. They can share their feelings with people who feel exactly the same way. It’s become a godsend to those that felt alone. It represents Michael’s uncanny ability to bring people together, united in love. Many celebrities have also joined in to receive their dot number, and the numbers are growing by the day.

The tribute portrait website is administered and maintained by a group of volunteers known as the Tribute Team. It is their responsibility to ensure the site remains a friendly, love filled community where people of all ages can enjoy chatting with other fans, viewing photos, participating in groups and in general sharing their love of Michael Jackson. All of the proceeds made through store sales and donations are put directly into maintaining the website and offering site members the best possible experience. Contests to win MJ merchandise or other prizes are plenty, and additional tribute projects are always in the works. A prime example of these projects is the recent worldwide release of a tribute CD called “The Beat of Our Hearts: A musical tribute to Michael.’ This CD was produced by the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait and includes 18 songs written and performed by some of Michael’s friends and talented fans! To date, there is no other tribute like it in the world, just as there is no other tribute like the tribute portrait. This tribute and the website for it are truly one-of-a-kind, and it is acknowledged and supported by Michael’s family and some of his closest friends, including Diana Ross, Cris Judd, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Jesse Jackson, Larry King, Omer Bhatti, and Tony Wilson! Some of the other celebrities that have gotten their dots already are Adam Lambert, Evan Ross, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., George Lopez, Marlon Wayans and Vivica A. Fox.

It will take 1 million people to complete this work of art for Michael – a target we’re still quite a way off from. We truly believe that anyone that loves Michael would want to be a part of this, and would want to see the tribute finished and unveiled – as something that they are directly involved in. The bond between Michael and his fans will never break, and the tribute portrait goes that extra step to keep that bond visible.

To get your free dot number today, please click here.

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