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First Look – Michael Jackson The Experience

By Matt Blank

The new Michael Jackson video game, ‘Michael Jackson The Experience,’ will be released on November 26th, just in time for your Christmas stocking to be filled with all things Michael.

MJWN had a first look at the game last week when we were invited by Ubisoft to test it out and give feedback. Our first impression was that it’s a real fun game…but quite hard! For those who already own games such as ‘Just Dance,’ you’ll revel in the features it brings and for those of you who think you’ve already mastered Michael’s dance moves, then you need to think again!

Being a massive Michael fan can actually be a slight set back here. As I embarrassingly danced my way through ‘Billie Jean’ after seeing the brand manager from Ubisoft strut her stuff to songs such as ‘Workin’ Day and Night’, ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Beat It,’ I realised that pre-empting Michael’s trademark moves was not always the way to go.

The game is incredibly accurate and that is certainly part of the charm. This could have been an awful game had it been rushed and lazily put together, however, it’s clear that a lot of study, detail and time has been put into this game, both from Ubisoft, Michael’s estate and of course the choreographers involved. The estate have actually said of the game that they are; “Working closely with the development team to make sure Michael Jackson – The Game reflects Michael’s unique creative spirit and is of the highest quality that Michael and his fans demand.”

This game will showcase Michael’s unique talent as much as it will showcase yours. Playing it really felt like you were being taught by the man himself. If there wasn’t a well-known dance routine, they had picked up moves from videos such as ‘Speed Demon’ or routines such as ‘Workin’ Day And Night’ from the ‘Dangerous’ world tour.

Lyrics are also on the screen for you to sing along to and you have the choice of dancing as Michael or a backing dancer or the rabbit if you’re in ‘Speed Demon.’ The Wii is limited in some ways as the game involves you only holding the controller, which then recognises your arm movements. The Xbox Kinect certainly will offer more when it’s released next year. It will make it that much more challenging as it scans your whole body, so you are completely tested from arm movement to leg kicks and hip swaggers.

The game will have twenty-six songs to choose from in total. Each song will show Michael in trademark outfits that he wore at the time of his performance and with different hairstyles to suit each one. It definitely feels like a complete game, which will be a lot of fun with friends, and good practice on your own to learn the moves and then show off in a club!


In advance of the release, Ubisoft will be holding a launch party in London in the next few weeks and they’ve kindly allocated an extra ticket to the event so one of you can accompany an MJWN representative.

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