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Three Petitions

MJJJustice Project are working constantly to restore the public’s perception of Michael’s life, career and legacy.

As you know the coverings have been removed from The Michael Jackson Auditorium at Gardner Street School, a separate campaign run by UncoverMJsName on twitter. That’s a good start, but there are other problems that still need attention. 

The first of these is a petition to restore the MTV Vanguard Award to Michael Jackson Vanguard Award as it once was.  This is run by MTV_RespectMJ on twitter.  Please click here for this petition.  

The next petition is in regard of the Michael Jackson Defamation Law which is about how he was and continues to be slaughtered in the media. It is run by @mjbrookins on twitter. Please click here to sign this petition.

The next link is ours, one we made back in June. It is about media bias, ethics in journalism and humane treatment in the media. To sign this petition, please click here.  

Obviously it is up to each individual fan to consider these petitions and make decisions on whether or not to support them.

Source: MJJJustice Project & MJWN

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We Are Here To Change The World
We Are Here To Change The World
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