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Thrill The World Global Event

Last year almost 24,000 zombies over 280 cities broke the world record for dancing simultaneously to Michael’s ‘Thriller.’

So this year, the stakes were high, and across the world more zombies and ghouls gathered together to try to break that record. On six continents, in cities small and large, in 38 US States the music of Michael resounded to spur on the dancers who were so committed to challenging the record. They danced wearing hideous zombie make-up and tattered clothing, to resemble the  ghosts in the ‘Thriller’ video. The music rang out, the dancers performed, and the watching crowds enjoyed every moment. Some even used the event to collect funds for local charities.

We can all applaud the fans efforts to emulate Michael’s lessons to us on how to communicate together, en masse or in smaller groups. It doesn’t matter how we do it, so long as we do it!

Source: Worldwide News Reports & MJWN.

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