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Victory For Michael’s Supporters

When Michael and his family first moved to LA in 1969, he attended Gardner Street Primary School in Hollywood for a very short time.

In 1989 during the height if his ‘Bad’ tour, the Auditorium of the school was dedicated to Michael and his name was placed over the entrance in silver letters. He attended the ceremony and the school choir sang ‘We Are The World.’

In 2003, following his arrest and charges against him, parents of children attending the school demanded that his name be removed. It was therefore covered with white plywood boards, which were not removed following his complete acquittal.

Dedicated fans began a campaign after his death in 2009 to have the covers removed and were supported by worldwide rallies and petitions.

Los Angeles Unified School District Supt. Ramon C. Cortines ordered the boards stripped away Friday, October 15th, “in recognition of Michael Jackson’s musical legacy and contribution to modern culture.”

A school district spokesman said the decision was made in large part because Michael had been acquitted of criminal charges in the molestation case.

On Friday night, a Facebook page calling for the restoration of the sign was overflowing with joyous comments.

“I could cry!” one person wrote. “I wish he were here to see this!”

On the page, devotees from places as far away as Japan and Sri Lanka posted photos of themselves holding handmade posters calling for the boards to be stripped away.

Fans had planned to show up at a school board meeting Tuesday to demand that the sign be revealed.

This is a great victory for Michael and his fans who will never forget him and his efforts to make the world a better place.

Source: LAtimes & MJWN

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