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Michael Was To Tour Australia?

Over the years, Jonathan Moffet worked with Michael and with other great musicians. Currently, Jonathan is performing in Australia and has now arrived in Melbourne for an appearance at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
In an interview Jonathan spoke of his part in the rehearsals for the ‘This Is It’ concerts revealing, that just one week before Michael passed away, the musicians had their contracts extended by a couple of years.

“About a week before he died we all had our contracts extended by a couple of years,” he said. “Michael told us we had five years to change the world. So after we did a year or so at the O2 arena in London we planned to bring the show on the road.”

In a world first, Jonathan is going to be playing a collection of Michael’s hits for the first time since his death.

“I have ten tracks that we were going to play during the ‘This Is It’ Tour, and I will be playing through those tracks just like we would have in concert,” he said. “It’s a dedication to Michael. He’s like family to me, I spent more than half of my life with him. I saw him the night before he died at rehearsals and he was great…I just remember how happy he was. After that I needed time to mourn, I miss him so much. But I’ve realised now I want to play his music forever, it brings me so much joy and brings back so many memories.”

Jonathan, who keeps in regular contact with the entire Jackson family and still works musically with Janet and Jermaine, said it has taken him a long time to accept Michael’s death.

“At one point I couldn’t accept it was a reality. How could he not be here? He is invincible to me. But now it’s time to celebrate his life, legacy, and contribution to music.”

Jonathan added that there was still talk of taking the ‘This Is It’ tour around the world. “The entire set is sitting in a warehouse somewhere ready to go, it’s just a matter of figuring out how best to do it.”

Various concepts had been discussed, but they all included the entire cast of the original show, including Australian guitarist Orianthi Pangaris.

“Whether we get some big name artists to sing, or Michael impersonators, or use a mix of video technology and holograms, there are plans to take the show on the road.”

Source: heraldsun.com.au & MJWN

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