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Michael The Pied Piper

Mark Ronson, who produced many hit songs, told Short List Magazine about his amazement at the effect Michael has always had on children. In the interview he said; “All kids love

Michael Jackson, he had some sort of effect. I would watch footage of him when I was older and you’d see these kids of twelve and thirteen who weren’t even born the last time he put out a good album but they’d be screaming and fainting.

It’s just so crazy that in some ways he was like this magical Pied Piper.”

Mark also said that he grew very fond of Michael because; “He was just like a big kid. He just seemed like a kid that never really got to grow up.”

The thirty-five year old producer said that he feared he would be beaten up by his schoolmates if he told them about the sleepovers he attended alongside Sean Lennon, the son of

Beatles legend John Lennon, at Michael’s home explaining; “If I bragged about it I knew that one of two things would happen: a) the kids would think that I was full of s, or b) they would think I was obnoxious and I’d get a slap for it. All in all, it was better to say nothing.”

Source: Contactmusic & MJWN

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