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Stanley Matthews – Impersonator

Stanley Matthews loves Michael and has found his calling on the streets of Huntsville as a Michael Jackson impersonator. “This is something that I’ve dedicated my life to now,” says Matthews.

Wearing a wavy wig, red jacket, striped pants, white socks, dress shoes and Michael’s signature glittery glove, he ‘got down’ in the parking lot of Fuel City at the intersection of Governors Drive and Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville. People stared, some laughed, children looked confused and others watched from their car windows. Matthews wasn’t dancing in the street for attention, he says he’s trying to make it to the big time.

“Business is nothing without advertising,” he says. “This is where I come to advertise. I bring it straight out to the streets where everybody is, because if you can’t prove it to the people here and now, how are you going to go up in Hollywood and make it big.” He also hopes the Michael inspired dance moves inspire others to pursue their dreams.

“You can do anything you set your mind to,” says Matthews. “No matter what person you are, color, creed, or where you’re from, if you set your mind to something, you can do it.”

Matthews says Michael was one of the world’s greatest entertainers and he started dancing shortly after his death in 2009 to honor him. After getting so many compliments, he decided to make a career out of it.


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