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Brisbane Photo Exhibition

As part of the Brisbane Festival, an exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art of photographs, taken by Douglas Kirkland, will be displayed to the public.

Among these photographs there will be a series of never-before-seen photographs of Michael which were taken by Douglas during the time that he was recording a clip for ‘Thriller’ in 1983.

“They’re incredible photographs because they show Michael Jackson as a very young, beautiful young man but with all this very strange, weird, old-looking make-up on,” Douglas said. “Of course now that we know his journey, it’s very ironic that we see the old and the young Michael Jackson at this particular time. Some of them are very eerie.”

The Michael pictures and those of other personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Coco Chanel are among more than one hundred photographs in the exhibition.

Source: abc.net.au & MJWN

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