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Jermaine’s Concert

The Indian press is reporting that Michael’s brother, Jermaine, will perform in Las Vegas on October 2nd in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino to celebrate his forty years as a recording artist. It is said that Jermaine will perform his fan’s favourite songs and will present a tribute to his brother Michael, The Jackson 5 and the Jackson family. He will lead an eleven piece band, three background vocalists and six dancers in an electrifying concert that delivers such chart-topping hits as ‘Can You Feel It’, ‘Let’s Get Serious’, ‘Beat It’, ‘ABC’, ‘Man In The Mirror’ and ‘I’ll Be There’. Jermaine’s ensemble includes three of his children, Jeremy on guitar along with Autumn and Jermaine Jr. on vocals and he proudly refers to his children as “the next generation of Jacksons.” The band, conducted by musical director Rex Salas, will be wrapped in a multimedia presentation to include cherished Jackson family photos and videos.

Source: businessofcinema.com & MJWN

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