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100 Feet Of Chicken Wire

Ivan Lovatt is a sculptor who was born in Nairobl, Kenya and now lives in the Gold Coast hinterland, Australia. Ivan works with quite unusual materials including driftwood and aged timbers and garden fence chicken wire. Chicken wire is a time consuming medium to work in with one of his sculptures taking more than a month to twist and pin into shape.

Ivan began to sculpt wildlife animals but has now moved on to portrait sculpture. Using up to one hundred feet of wire, he has created a likeness of Michael with his trademark fedora along with other famous entertainers and explorers. His work is famous in Ripley’s Believe Or Not Studios and in museums and galleries around the world.

Ivan said of his work: “The reaction to my sculptures has been incredible really. Some of my happiest times have been spent observing people’s amazement and wonder. I love the way that the work appeals to everyone, people just seem to be drawn to it and are always curious about how it has been made.”

To read the full article and see photographs of Ivan’s work, please click here.

Source: Dailymail & MJWN

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