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‘Captain Eo’ In Top 10

3D movies are everywhere right now and are taking over our movie screens, but not everyone is happy with the genre, nor are they satisfied with the quality of the technology. In response to this, Cinemablend.com decided to show filmmakers the best of the bunch, producing a Top 10 list. The first film featured on the list was Michael’s ‘Captain Eo’ made especially for Disneyland and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

The report on the film reads:

Captain EO (1986)

When it debuted at Disney parks in the 80s Captain EO was regarded as the first 4-D film because it incorporated in-theater effects like laser lights along with the 3-D elements on screen. But really, it was just 3-D with lasers. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the short film starred Michael Jackson as the captain of a ragtag starship crew on a mission across the stars. The story was pretty silly, and since it starred Michael Jackson, prone to a lot of singing, but the movie’s special effects were stunning. Coppola’s groundbreaking 3-D camera tricks were so good that those 3-D effects still hold up pretty well today. In part that’s because Disney went all out when making it. Captain EO cost, on average, $1.76 million per minute to make. For that money Disney parks got the first ever 3-D movie that actually really worked in 3-D. It was so well done that more than twenty years later Captain EO continues to show at Disney’s parks around the world.

Source: cinemablend.com & MJWN

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