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Allgood Bites The Dust

TMZ has reported that the New York Judge who dismissed part of Allgood Entertainment’s lawsuit against Michael’s Estate, has ruled today that the deal Frank Dileo made with them could not be binding without it being signed by Michael and his brothers. In addition to this, he also said that the deal was just too sketchy to be enforceable.

Last month the judge had dismissed the rest of the lawsuit in which AllGood Entertainment claimed Michael had agreed through an agent to perform several Jackson family reunion concerts in Indiana before going on the road with any other show. After he signed the ‘This Is It’ concert agreement, Allgood claimed that he had breached his agreement with them.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Michael Jackson Estate, told TMZ; “This case never had any merit and the claim was frivolous from day one.”

Source: TMZ & MJWN

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