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Setting The Record Straight

Setting The Record Straight – A Review Of ‘MJ Conspiracy’ by Aphrodite Jones

“The media write weird stuff about me all the time. The distortion of the truth bothers me. I usually don’t read a lot of what is printed, although I often hear about”. (Moonwalk, Michael Jackson’s One and Only Autobiography.)

In this day and age it takes a certain calibre of person to admit they were wrong. It, then, takes an even stronger character and personality to genuinely and earnestly set out to make amends and to set the record straight. This then, is the objective of this admirable, powerful and thought-provoking work by Aphrodite Jones.

From the outset she explains and readily admits she was part of the, then, media “circus” that set out to distort facts and peddle inaccurate information in the, alleged, molestation charges and subsequent court case which confronted Michael Jackson, during 2005. Ample evidence is offered that the media wilfully focused upon negative aspects of the case, in addition to repeatedly distorting or completely failing to accurately report facts of the case, instead of providing fair and balanced reporting in the media.

“Remember, the press is a business: Newspapers and magazines are in business to make money – sometimes at the expense of accuracy, fairness and even the truth”. (Moonwalk, Michael Jackson’s One and Only Autobiography.) So these, uncannily, prophetic words are printed in Michael Jackson’s own autobiography, albeit unintentionally, and not actually in direct connection with either of his court cases. (They had yet to rear their ugly heads at the time the autobiography was, originally, published.)

This is a tome comprehensively and painstakingly researched by Aphrodite Jones, which serves to lay open the truth and the deliberately biased and negative reporting of Michael Jackson, in the media throughout the entire trial.

To acquire the co-operation and assistance of Thomas Mesereau, Michael Jackson’s lead counsel was no mean feat, considering that, from the outset; they were very much on ‘opposite sides of the fence’, to such an extent, that Thomas Mesereau, understandably, had a complete aversion to dealing or associating with her. With a degree of persistence, combined with sensitive and delicate negotiations and candid discussion the support of Thomas Mesereau was secured, as he considered she was being truthful, courageous and professional in her desire to set the record straight about the Michael Jackson defence. Thomas Mesereau did, subsequently, write the Foreword to this excellent, investigative book and it made potent reading. I believe, in each of the respective fields of the individuals directly involved, both, in Law and Entertainment, it took a humble, exceptional and quite extraordinary individual – Thomas Mesereau to defend, another humble, exceptional and quite extraordinary individual – Michael Jackson.

This is a tome that contributes considerably to, rightly, reinforcing Michael Jackson being completely exonerated of the charges he faced. In this world, I believe that two of the worst crimes a male can be accused of are, indeed, false child molestation and false rape charges. To be accused, twice, must have been an undoubted, complete and utter living nightmare for Michael Jackson. The content of this book is exceptionally well researched, providing a unique insight into the court processes and is an extremely captivating read but it would not be accurate or, I believe, appropriate to say I “enjoyed” it. The content is too disturbing when considering it was absolutely awful that Michael Jackson should even be accused of such heinous crimes and it is discomforting becoming aware of his inordinate and obvious mental, emotional and physical distress.

Having read this powerful book providing insight and redressing the balance of this controversial court case, there is no element of doubt in my mind that the factors involved could only have served to contribute towards the sad, tragic and early demise of Michael Jackson. The pressure brought to bear and the levels of stress that he must have endured over such a protracted period must have been considerable, to the point of being wholly intolerable and inevitably, taking a physical toll.

Admittedly, it is only conjecture on my part but as the reader what I, personally, feel pained and distressed Michael Jackson the most, in all likelihood, would have been to have children/youths that he had trusted implicitly, collude with adults to so totally and utterly betray that degree of trust.

Michael Jackson was accustomed to being betrayed by adults but he trusted and loved children, in the most honourable sense of the words:

“There are so many things all around us to be thankful for. Wasn’t it Robert Frost who wrote about the world a person can see in a leaf?  I think that’s true. That’s what I love about being with kids.  They notice everything. They aren’t jaded. They get excited by things we’ve forgotten to get excited about any more. They are so natural too, so unself-conscious. I love being around them.  There always seems to be a bunch of kids over at the house and they’re always welcome. They energize me – just being around them.  They look at everything with such fresh eyes, such open minds. That’s part of what makes kids so creative.  They don’t worry about the rules. The picture doesn’t have to be in the center of a piece of paper. The sky doesn’t have to be blue. They are accepting of people too. The only demand they make is to be treated fairly – and to be loved. I think that’s what we all want”. (Moon Walk, Michael Jackson’s One and Only Autobiography.)

On a general note, one particular aspect of this book I like is the way Aphrodite Jones chose to incorporate lyrics or song titles from Michael Jackson’s songs into the chapter headings.

This review would not be complete if I failed to acknowledge the fans that without hesitation relinquished and sacrificed their positions of employment to offer their support to Michael Jackson for the duration of the trial in their belief and never doubting, even for one second his innocence. I can only have the utmost admiration and respect for that degree of loyalty.

I can, indeed, highly recommend this book for, both, loyal fans and other people interested in Michael Jackson’s life. It is certainly worth the investment and can only conclude by expressing heartfelt gratitude to Aphrodite Jones for ‘standing up for something, as opposed to sitting down for everything’, not many people in this day and age have the courage of their convictions, to pursue them with such tenacity, passion, commitment and conviction. Aphrodite Jones rests her case and does it admirably.

Source: MJWN with special thanks to IanRW – Milton Keynes

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