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Michael/Jerkins Album?

As most of you know, Rodney Jerkins, (Dark Child) produced the ‘Invincible’ album with Michael. In a recent interview, Jerkins has said that as a result of working with Michael, he has 273 unreleased tracks of Michael’s work and he is compiling a new album with some of the material.

In the interview, Jerkins said; “You know there is a lot of red tape, but it’s definitely going to happen.”

Jerkins also added that; “Michael was quiet with people he didn’t know, but Michael and I used to kick it in Miami and we kicked it in New York all the time…I knew a little about publishing when I came into the game at sixteen, but when I started working with Michael I was twenty and he taught me about buying publishing and acquiring a catalog at a young age.”

Source: Dimewars.com & MJWN

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