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Abbey Adams Trophy

Abbey Adams is fourteen years old and attends the Stage Stars dance classes at the Dibble Tree Theatre in Scotland. Since attending the classes Abbey has worked so hard and shown such ability that her teacher, Kim Brymer, has given her a special trophy.

Together with her friend Rhianne Summers Abbey performed an interpretation of Michael’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ so well that she later asked if she could work on choreographing other Michael songs, As a result, she performed a whole section of Michael music in the school’s last show in June.

Her teacher Kim said; “For someone so young she has a real talent and the ability to go further and I am just pleased to be in a position to help and encourage her to make the most of what she has.

We have our summer school running during the first week of August and Abbey is already working on a dance routine for that and, in addition to her own work, she gives up her own free time on Saturday mornings to help teach the three to seven-year-olds who come to Stage Stars.
It’s really satisfying to see people like Abbey spend their spare time in such a positive and creative way and I just thought she deserved special recognition for her dedication.”

Source: thecourier.co.uk & MJWN

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