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Last Month In Japan

We have received the following information from Yoko Inoue in Japan about the fan tribute events that were in Japan last month. Yoko says;

Japanese fan events were held in many places between June 25th – 27th:

Tribute dance events named MJ A-LIVE were held in six big cities in Japan, including Hokkaido, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Nagasaki. Many dedicated fans danced to Michael’s music to hits such as ‘BEAT IT’ and ‘THRILLER.’

There was a Michael Jackson Tribute which was held in Tokyo, from June 18th – July 19. Posters, caps, magazines, CDs and O2 T-shirts were sold there.

Another big event was MICHAEL JACKSON, THE OFFICIAL LIFETIME COLLECTION held from May 1st to July 11th at TOKYO TOWER. Lots of flowers and letters from fans were placed at the entrance of the exhibition site. Fifty selected fans were invited to spend the night of June 25th, ‘One Night with Michael,’ in which they slept in their sleeping bags, surrounded with Michael Jackson’s three hundred pieces of memorabilia. This special ticket cost 100,000 yen for each person.

Source: Yoko Inoue & MJWN






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