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Michael Casino?

Before Michael’s death last year one of the plans under discussion was a Las Vegas casino based on Michael’s ‘Thriller’ with zombies and other themes based on the song. This plan is now unlikely but, The Jackson Family Foundation headed by Simon Sahouri, together with Joseph Jackson, plans to include a casino in the giant Gary memorial to Michael, which will cost in total over $300 million.

The executors of Michael’s Estate have not given permission to the Foundation for use of Michael’s image, but other possibilities exist for Michael’s father.

A Jackson theme online casino is also rumored to be in the works. Through various legal statutes, an overseas licensing agreement and website base would mean a lesser penalty for image rights, as it would not violate US law. Neither option has seen any progress outside of initial negotiations but the Jackson Family Foundation remains intent on building a memorial for Michael.

Source: Casinonewsauthority.com & MJWN

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