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“Creative Tornado”

Jennifer Batten shared the stage with Michael for ten years, in more than fifteen countries and in front tens of millions of fans.

During a recent interview, Jennifer remembers her time with Michael with pleasure saying; “The day I met Michael will always be in my mind. He was gorgeous. Everything about him was just beautiful.

It’s forever burned in my eyes the way he did it live,” she said. “It felt surreal to be on stage with him. There were always 50,000 people there and they weren’t there for me.”

“He was a creative tornado, an innovator,” said Jennifer, who last saw Michael at the end of the ‘HIStory’ tour thirteen years ago. “But he was also a beautiful person. He was always even tempered; he never exploded.
Considering how much pressure he was under, that’s remarkable.

Jennifer added that her favorite song to perform with Michael was ‘Human Nature’.

Source: Pioneerlocal.com & MJWN

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