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Flashmob In Virginia

Dancer Louis Fisher did a ‘Thriller’ Flashmob in Central Park, New York on 2007, and did it again today in Norfolk, Virginia.

A few days ago he let people know and about twelve people turned up to learn the dance, which they later performed it in downtown Norfolk.

Three hours before the planned Flashmob, the dozen strangers gathered on Granby and Tazewell streets to learn the steps.

Louis broke the song down into a series of moves that he taught, reviewed and then danced with the group. He avoided technical terms and used phrases such as “dead man’s arm,” “head twitch” or “through the jungle,” which were then parroted as the group made each move in time to the music.

During the practice, traffic on Granby Street slowed. Cars braked and pedestrians paused. Videos and photos were shot on digital cameras and cell phones.

The music played quietly on a small CD player, but to the passers-by, it was clear what they were performing.

A silver station wagon passed and blasted ‘Thriller’ from his stereo, earning him a cheer from the dancers. There were also a few sailors from the visiting Royal Navy’s Amphibious Task Group recruited to join the practice.

In an hour, the group had learned the dance.
Two hours later, they gathered in front of Tidewater Community College at Granby Street and College Place and performed. The crowd of about one hundred watched the dancers. “It’s the kind of thing you do at a party,” Fisher said. “And that’s what we’re going to do is have a party.”

Source: istockanalyst.com & MJWN

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