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20/20 Angers Justin Bieber

The television show 20/20 aired a tribute to Michael on his anniversary. Taking part in the tribute was Justin Bieber, the much loved teenage singer. He watched the show later and made a number of comments on Twitter about his disappointment with the show. He felt that the channel focused too much on the negative aspects of Michael’s life, and not enough on the positive things that he did.

“I’m glad to be a part of the 20/20 Michael Jackson Special but I wish they would cut the nonsense and focus on what a great entertainer he was,” Bieber said.

ABC also aired footage of Michael as he was being taken to the hospital. The footage was taken by a paparazzo and has raised a stir as many believe that Michael was already dead when the picture was taken.

Source: jrgossip.com & MJWN

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