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3650 Candles

Please find below part of a press release we have received from Kestutis Isakas, regarding 3650 candles being lit to honor Michael’s memory in Lithuania.

On June, 26th, at 19 o’clock, in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, at the trading-entertaining centre Akropolis Kaunas there is a construction, the highest in the world, of a sculpture from sand of the legendary singer, pop king Michael Jackson. We will light 3650 candles. “So we want to honor his memory and join the millions of Michael Jackson fans around the world,” In day of first anniversary from the date of the death of this legendary American musician at its sculpture 3650 candles will burn – one of organizers of festival “Olialia SunSet Sand Akropolis 2010”, is the president of association of sculptors from sand of Baltic, Sandis Kondrats.

In Kaunas was opened the biggest sand sculpture of pop king Michael Jackson. The height of the sculpture is 6.20 meters. “Olialia SunSet Sand Akropolis 2010” is a unique cultural event, during which the citizens of Kaunas as well as city guests will be able to see, how simple sand can be turned into the work of art. The biggest sculpture was dedicated to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Soon it will be almost a year since the world lost this famous singer. “His sand sculpture is the biggest in the world, leading up to 6,2 meters tall” – says Sandis Kondrats, the president of sand sculpture artists in Baltics and one of the “Olialia SunSet Sand Akropolis 2010” festival organizers.

Source: Kestutis Isakas & MJWN

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